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    according to the objectives of Oil Turbo Compressor engineering company attempted to attract skilled and experienced personnel ...
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    The company's policy is to carry out oil, gas and energy projects effectively and optimized through applying modern designing and engineering methods, benefiting from specialized sources and equipping with software resources and world up-to-date standards.
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    Asia Oil Turbo Compressor Engineering And Design Company (OTEC)

Asia Oil Turbocompressor Engineering And Design Company (OTEC) was established relying on its experts' knowledge and experience and  with the aim to meet the needs of oil, gas and Energy of the country.


Asia Oil Turbo Compressor Engineering  and Design Company (OTEC), with the support of valuable scientific knowledge, experienced and pioneer experts and also modern technologies, presents products ... more


Asia Oil Turbo Compressor Engineering  and Design Company (OTEC) is a Progressive, Leading and innovative corporation well equipped with cutting edge technology and have a regional reputation for gaining the ... more


By relying on its valuable knowledge oriented assets, skilled, professional, committed, and initiative human resources, and also by using the existed advanced technology Oil Turbo Compressor Engineering ... more


OTEC was established in 2002 and has performed different types of projects like feasibility study, basic design, detail design, procurement services, engineering work and MC services of booster gas compressor stations as well as many other projects in the field of oil and gas.

Ability List

Managing Contract (MC) For Construction of a Factory and Production Line for Gas Turbine Manufacturig.

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Broaching Machine This robust machine is used for making fir-tree and dovetail grooves on... more
Balance Work Shop By employing efficient software and advanced equipment, proficient and... more
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