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    according to the objectives of Oil Turbo Compressor engineering company attempted to attract skilled and experienced personnel ...
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    The company's policy is to carry out oil, gas and petrochemical projects effectively and optimized through applying modern designing and engineering methods, benefiting from specialized sources and equipping with software resources and world up-to-date standards.
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    Oil Turbo Compressor Engineering Company (OTEC) is a member of Oil Turbo Compressor (OTC) Holdings which the majority of its shares belongs to the Ministry of Oil Pension Fund

Oil Turbo Compressor EngineeringCompany (OTEC) was established relying on its experts' knowledge and experience and  with the aim to meet the needs of oil, gas and petrochemical projects of the country.


Oil Turbo Compressor Engineering Company (OTEC), with the support of valuable scientific knowledge, experienced and pioneer experts and also modern technologies, presents products and services in consultancy, engineering, procurement and production of gas turbine  motors to companies and organizations inside Iran and in middle-east area.

To achieve aforementioned goals and mission, OTEC has to accomplish the following rules and principals:

  • Development of organizational maturity to obtain the consent of clients and stakeholders.
  • Presenting high quality products and services, which meet international standards and customers’ needs.
  •  Financial growth and development with respect to values and morality
  • Endeavour for national self-reliance independence, preserving and promoting public health and welfare.
  • Quest to promote, develop and localization of technology by research.



OTEC with the support of valuable scientific knowledge , exprienced and pioneer experts and also modern technologies, present product and service in consultancy,of gas turbine motors to companies andorganizations inside iran and in middle-east area...



By relying on its valuable knowledge oriented assets, skilled, professional, committed, and initiative human resources, and also by using the existed advanced technology Oil Turbo Compressor Engineering Company (OTEC), is aimed to present its products and services in the case of "Consulting Services, Design Engineering, Procurement and Production of Turbine Engines". In order to maintain the current status and improve the future of the company, implementing and designing the quality control management systems based on international standards, such as ISO/TS 29001:2010 and ISO 9001:2008, has been executed;  also based on the following strategies OTEC is going to satisfy its specified goals:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction and meet requirements of clients by identifying, understanding, meeting their needs and expectations in terms of continues improvement in quality of products and services.
  • Developing skills, abilities, and increasing the loyalty of human resources as the most valuable assets of the company, through planning, implementing the effective educating programs and incentive mechanisms.
  • Optimizing company’s current processes and activities by employing modern management systems and technologies.
  • Increasing the added value of company for customers through the creation and development of technology partnerships and supply chain development.
  • Increasing the market share and enterprise development through the implementation of effective marketing strategies and meet requirements of potential customers.

The abovementioned objectives would be achieved through the participation and cooperation of all the employees, and in order to have an effective management system, all the strategies will be reviewed and revised based on status quo.

As the Managing Director, and on behalf of all the employees, I would announce full compliance with laws and regulations, engineering standards, and a commitment to continuous improvement of quality management system, and full implementation of the provisions of this policy.

Managing Director

October 2013



OTEC was established in 2002 and has performed different types of projects like feasibility study, basic design, detail design, procurement services, engineering work and MC services of booster gas compressor stations as well as many other projects in the field of oil and gas.

Ability List

Managing Contract (MC) For Construction of a Factory and Production Line for Gas Turbine Manufacturig.

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